Marketron Introduces ROI Calculator for Forecasting OTA and Digital Revenues

(Image credit: Marketron)

HAILEY, Idaho—Marketron has introduced its ROI Calculator targeting broadcasters who want to measure the success of their ad campaigns against competing media companies.

“Anyone in charge of sales data—sales managers, GSMs, senior vice presidents of sales, digital sales managers—could use this calculator to understand their company’s potential by benchmarking against others in the industry based on current revenue,” the company said. “This calculator is simple to use and impactful to broadcast and media companies because it allows them to benchmark their results with industry averages. In just minutes, they will gain valuable insights to help inform budgets for years to come.”

For broadcasters two aspects make up revenue projections: over-the-air (OTA) revenue and third-party (audience extension) digital revenue. Marketron says it  created the calculator to help broadcasters look into the future of their revenue and understand the impact of third-party digital, especially if the station isn’t currently selling it.

The tool makes it possible to create realistic projections for OTA and third-party digital revenue based on the broadcaster’s 2021 actuals. Using information from BIA Advisory Services, eMarketer, and other industry sources, the calculator takes the data entered and projects revenue for both inventory types through 2024.

Marketron says its ROI Calculator is easy to use and more effective than the alternative: internal projections that don’t have built-in industry data to help benchmark against similar-size companies. Broadcasters simply plug in their total OTA revenue from 2021 and third-party digital revenue from 2021 (Marketron supplies a base if the station didn’t do third-party digital in 2021), and the calculator will quickly provide the data. It includes a comparison of large-, medium-, or small-company projections so sales managers can see how their company stacks up.

“Marketron exists to support the broadcast and media industry’s transformation and to help drive broadcast and digital revenue. The ROI Calculator is another Marketron tool to help further that goal,” said Todd Kalman, senior vice president of sales at Marketron. “It’s something any executive or sales leader should want to use to compare to the industry and to gain insight into strategies that will help them thrive now and in years to come.”

Sales executives may use Marketron’s ROI Calculator immediately by going to