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Mansion Mobile Selects Canon HD Lenses

Mansion Mobile Television, a division of Branson, Mo.-based Mansion Entertainment, has selected 12 new HD lenses from Canon broadcast to outfit its new 53-foot ME-2HD Expando production truck.

“The new production truck will service major cable entertainment and sport networks, so it was essential to upgrade our video production capabilities to HDTV,” said Brad Palmer, vice president of operations for Mansion Mobile Television. “With the guidance of Diversified Systems, a full system integration company, we have found Canon to be the best fit.”

Mansion Mobile’s seven Canon long-zoom HD field lenses include two Digisuper 100xs and five Digisuper 86xs models. The Digisuper 100xs (the world’s first triple-digit zoom lens) and the Digisuper 86xs both feature Canon’s unique second generation built-in Image Stabilization (Shift-IS) system, which helps enable camera operators to capture rock-solid imagery at telephoto distances.

The five portable Canon HD zoom lenses include two HJ11ex4.7B wide-angle EFP lenses and three HJ22ex7.6B ENG lenses. Capable of more than 91 degrees of horizontal angle of view in 16:9, the HJ11ex4.7B is engineered for wide-angle shooting with minimum chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion, while also providing lightweight operation and exceptional picture sharpness and contrast. The HJ11ex4.7B weighs 4.10 pounds, and its focal range goes from 4.7mm on the wide end all the way to 104mm with its built-in 2x extender.

Canon’s HD22ex7.6B is an HD production lens designed to combine telephoto and modestly wide-angle HD image capture in a lightweight form factor. The HD22ex7.6B’s focal range goes from 7.6mm on the wide end all the way to 336mm with its built-in 2x extender. Featuring a maximum aperture of f1.8, this lens is well-suited to encompass a broad range of shooting situations.

Both the Canon HD11ex4.7B and HJ22ex7.6B are members of Canon’s third generation line of eHDxs high-performance portable HD zoom lenses for 2/3-inch imager cameras.