Lyon Video builds new HD truck with Fujinon lenses

A variety of Fujinon lenses from FUJIFILM Optical Devices are on board the new HD mobile unit built by Columbus, OH-based Lyon Video that hit the road last month. All of the equipment on the new Lyon MU-11 is wired to be 3-D ready and includes a 3Gb/s infrastructure for distributing all types of HD signals.

The new Fujinon lenses will be paired with Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite cameras, including the 8300 Live Super SloMo camera. In fact, most of the Lyon Video fleet uses Fujinon lenses.

For long lenses, also known as box lenses, Lyon purchased one XA101x8.9BESM super-telephoto field lenses, four XA88x8.8BESM telephoto field lenses and 10 XA72x9.3BESM lenses. These lenses were chosen because they can withstand wide temperature changes and harsh environments, from baseball in Arizona in August to outdoor hockey in Chicago in December.

Covering sports, entertainment and concert events, Lyon Video clients include ESPN, Fox Speed Channel, CBS Sports and ABC. The production company handles broadcast production for several MLB baseball teams such as the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians. It also provides production services for programming including "Antiques Roadshow" and the "Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction."

For handheld camera operators, Lyon purchased four ZA22X7.6BERM ENG-style HD lenses with 2X extender, plus three ZA12x4.5BERM super wide-angle HD ENG lens with 2x extender. Both lenses feature Fujinon's Quick Zoom feature, which provides a rapid zoom to the telephoto position to check focus with the push of a button, then returns the lens to the previously selected zoom position when the button is released.