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Louisiana Public TV takes delivery of Axcera Visionary DT transmitter

Axcera has delivered a Visionary Series IOT transmitter using the L-3 CEA series multi-stage depressed-collector inductive output tubes (MSDC IOT) to Louisiana Public Television.

Following the final acceptance of the L-3 CEA MSDC IOTs for use in its Visionary Series high-power transmitters, Axcera shipped a Visionary DT transmitter equipped with the CEA 130D to Louisiana Public Television. The transmitter will be used at WLPB-DT, channel 25, the flagship digital station of Louisiana Public Television.

Axcera has approved the L-3 CEA and E2V ESCIOT for both digital and analog operation in the Visionary, allowing broadcasters to take advantage of the substantial efficiency improvements even for their analog channels.

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