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Local TV Revenues Jump in 3Q10

NEW YORK: Total broadcast television ad revenues were up 31.7 percent in the third quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year, according to’s analysis of data from Kantar Media. Local stations were said to outpace other broadcast TV sectors.

Network TV rose only 2.7 percent in the quarter. Syndicated TV fell 1.2 percent. The performance of three broadcast TV segments together resulted in a 12.5 percent increase in total broadcast TV revenues.

Twenty-two of the Top 25 advertising categories in local broadcast TV were up in the third quarter. Among the top 10:

No. 1 Automotive was up 74.1 percent.
No. 2 Communications/Telecom was up 30.2 percent.
No. 3 Restaurants was up 11.2 percent.
No. 4 Political was up 688 percent.
No. 5 Financial was up 69.6 percent.
No. 6 Car & Truck Dealers was up 25.4 percent.
No. 7 Furniture Stores was up 15.8 percent.
No. 8 Food and Food Products was up 22.2 percent.
No. 9 Schools, Colleges & Camps was up 15 percent.
No. 10 Insurance was up 12.7 percent.

Twenty-four of local broadcast television’s top 25 individual advertisers were up in the quarter. Again, among the top 10:

No. 1 Chrysler Group was up 157.3 percent.
No. 2 AT&T was up 68.1 percent.
No. 3 Ford Motor Dealers Association was up 50.3 percent.
No. 4 Comcast was up 53.1 percent.
No. 5 General Mills was up 26.1 percent.
No. 6 Honda Motor was up 38.3 percent.
No. 7 General Motors was up 48.8 percent.
No. 8 McDonalds was up 30.6 percent.
No. 9 Hyundai Corp Dealers Association was up 78.9 percent.
No. 10 Doctors Associates (Subway) was up 17.9 percent.

For the first nine months of 2010, local broadcast TV was up 27 percent, network TV was up 6.6 percent, and syndicated TV was down 8.3 percent. Total broadcast TV was up 11 percent in the nine-month period.