LiveU Matrix Eases FedNet's Sharing of US Capitol Proceedings

LiveU FedNet Senate Chamber
(Image credit: LiveU)

HACKENSACK, N.J.—With all of the recent goings on at the U.S. Capitol, FedNet has had no shortage of live video coverage of proceedings and events that are shared with broadcasters across the country. To help manage all of this content, FedNet has been relying on LiveU technology.

FedNet is a credentialed news organization that provides multimedia content of Congress, pushing out more than 30 hours of live video of Senate and House debates, hearings, press conferences and special events; they also were critical in capturing footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

FedNet says that it has been using LiveU technology since the 2016 Presidential Conventions and eventually invested in LiveU dedicated transmission appliances to build out its infrastructure on the Hill. This was part of a move from traditional satellite technology.

Part of this infrastructure now includes the LiveU Matrix for IP content management and distribution. The IP feed option has made it easier to provide the live content FedNet captures to global broadcasters, FedNet says.

“Managing the content and its distribution is a no brainer when we are covering major news events,” said Keith Carney, FedNet president. “Broadcasters used to pay upward of six figures to access feeds. Now clients can access live feeds at a fraction of the cost and use the content they want. Many are already LiveU users, so it is a seamless process to deliver the live feeds to their receivers.”

The impact of the pandemic has caused less news organizations to send crews to the Capitol, which makes FedNet’s coverage a potential resource for many. FedNet says that Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Los Angeles Times recently picked up the Inauguration Day feeds.

For the Capitol riots, Carney said: “It was a scary moment, but it was our duty to make the live feed available to clients using LiveU to show how things unfolded that day. These major events demonstrate the importance of giving our clients a steady supply of content that they can use at a price they can afford.”