Litepanels Lights up Super Bowl Announce Booth

Fox Sports' announce booth at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas this Sunday is being lit with Litepanels LED lighting fixtures. The network utilized Litepanels lighting fixtures in its announce booths for its entire 2010 NFL football regular and post-season game coverage.

The Litepanels fixtures, supplied to Fox by Bexel Broadcast Services, provide the network's lighting cameramen with the flexibility of placing the LED fixtures in optimal locations within the booth. The Litepanels on-board dimming functionality allows for the lights intensity to be adjusted with no noticeable color shift to match ambient light coming into the stadium from artificial and natural light sources.

In addition to providing high definition friendly light to the announce booth talent, Litepanels fixtures can also be dimmed either locally, via a dimming knob on the rear of each fixture, or via DMX from a dimmer board in the booth.

Enough lighting for an entire announce booth, including several talent on-camera positions, can be powered by a single 20A electrical circuit, negating the need to run extra power to the booth that would be required with traditional lighting fixtures.

Super Bowl XLV marks the second year in a row that the network broadcast booth has been exclusively lit with Litepanels LED fixtures. Last year’s CBS Super Bowl telecast also included an all Litepanels lighting set-up.

Throughout the 2010 - 2011 NFL season, both Fox Sports and CBS Sports utilized Litepanels LED lights for all of their regular season and post-season games.