Linear Acoustic LAMBDA brings loudness control to Colombia’s Caracol TV

The South American broadcaster is monitoring and adjusting audio for HD service with the LAMBDA digital audio and metadata monitor.
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Caracol TV is using Linear Acoustic’s LAMBDA to monitor audio and metadata at its facility in Bogotá, Colombia.

Caracol TV, the Colombian national private broadcaster, is able to effectively monitor and adjust the loudness of its HD broadcasts with the installation of a Linear Acoustic LAMBDA system at its Bogotá facility. Though currently only broadcasting in stereo, Caracol TV has plans to switch over to multichannel in the next few years. To help with the switch and the loudness issues associated with surround broadcasts, the station has plans to add a Linear Acoustic AERO.air 5.1 10-channel loudness manager for further control of its audio workflow.

LAMBDA displays both audio and metadata and allows simulation of metadata effects to provide accurate monitoring. Additional features include AES and HD/SD-SDI inputs and ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement