LG phone taps TV networks

In a recent Reuters story, French mobile TV chipmaker DiBcom characterizes the new LG handset being sold in Germany as a “watershed,” because of its ability to tap into TV broadcasting networks could cut mobile operators out of the business equation. The problem of recovering the cost of building networks has delayed manufacturers and carriers from entering the tempting market for mobile TV service and devices. The new phone could be a game-changing solution.

The LG HB620T, which uses the digital TV signal broadcast for TV sets (DVB-T), has gotten the jump on dedicated mobile TV services rollout in Germany. France, Finland and several other European countries prefer DVB-H. Asian and U.S. vendors prefer DMB and MediaFLO. This division is just one factor in the slow deployment of mobile TV, including the need to agree on spectrums, adapt laws and forge agreements between content providers and telecom operators.

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