LG, Kenwood, Plug Mobile Video at CES

LG and Kenwood displayed technologies devoted to their mobile video project with Harris at the International CES this week in Las Vegas.

Kenwood's R&D team is working on the implementation using an LG chipset; the project, to be field-tested in February on TV stations by the Open Mobile Video Coalition, is at the concept stage, said Kenwood's Mike Bergman.

The concept, which would support multicasting, would be an upgrade to the DTV standard. Kenwood has created prototype terrestrial DTV receivers based on the MPH (Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld) in-band mobile DTV system, developed by Harris, LG Electronics and its U.S. R&D subsidiary, Zenith. Kenwood is not announcing specific MPH models or pricing at CES.

ATSC digital television—which was optimized for transmission to fixed receivers — will be the only high-power broadcast television service in the United States after February 2009 when high-power analog broadcasting ends. Kenwood believes MPH represents a significant upgrade to ATSC, allowing excellent DTV reception performance in cars, even at highway speeds.

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