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Level 3 Delivers Uncompressed HD for Broncos

Level 3 Communications, a Broomfield, Colo.-based provider of fiber-based communications services is delivering Denver Broncos home games from Invesco Field in Denver to the game’s broadcaster using an uncompressed HD video feed entirely over its fiber optic network. The company claims it is the first in the broadcast industry to enable end to end delivery of uncompressed HD video.

Level 3 is using the 1.5 Gbps fiber-optic connection that it installed at Invesco Field last year for then presidential candidate Barack Obama’s nomination speech on the last night of the Democratic National Convention. The feed is sent from Denver to the broadcast studio of the network carrying the game. In a typical scenario, broadcasters would take the feed form the cameras at a given sporting event and sent it to a production truck, from with the feed is compressed and delivered to the broadcast studio. Level 3 said it will continue to deliver this type of service throughout the season while the higher bandwidth feed is being evaluated.