Leostream to Unveil Scheduling Feature at HPA Tech Retreat

(Image credit: Leostream)

Leostream, a Waltham, Mass-based developer of remote access solutions used by M&E creative teams, will unveil its new scheduling feature for automated workflows at the 2022 HPA Tech Retreat taking place in Rancho Mirage, Calif., Feb. 21-24.

The new scheduling feature to be demonstrated in the HPA Innovation Zone automates scheduled access to high-powered workstations for groups of users, allowing organizations to emulate project-based editing bays for a globally dispersed user group. 

"What's unique about the media and entertainment industry are the requirements around content security and the costs and complexities associated with running graphics-heavy workloads remotely," commented Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO. "Our M&E customers demand automation and ways to manage their remote deployments in the most compliant, cost-effective and simple fashion — the latest advancements to our scheduling feature delivers on all of these fronts."

Leostream is moderating several HPA Breakfast Roundtables at the conference. 

-February 22: Scaling Remote Post-Production Workflows
-February 23: Securing Remote Post-Production Workflows
-February 24: Maximizing ROI of Remote Post-Production Workflows

The Leostream team of remote access experts will be available in the HPA Innovation Zone from Monday, Feb. 21 to Thursday, Feb. 24, to showcase the new scheduling feature and the latest capabilities of the Leostream Platform.

HPA has announced that its 2022 Tech Retreat is sold out