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Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences manages media with ProxSys PX

The Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at Kiel University (IFM-GEOMAR) is using a Focus Enhancements ProxSys to reduce the time and cost of recording and managing video in its research missions.

The ProxSys PX product line solves the media asset management issues associated with a file-based workflow. The system enables companies, organizations and institutes to store, manage and retrieve their digital content, including video, graphics, music and text files, more efficiently.

The institute is involved in all areas of modern research in marine sciences, ranging from geology of the ocean floor to maritime meteorology. Video recording and subsequent editing and management are important aspects of the institute's global research work. As part of its scientific work, the IFM-GEOMAR team uses the aquatic robot ROV Kiel 6000 on its research trips to record video at depths of up to 3.72mi.

ProxSys optimizes and simplifies the daily work of IFM-GEOMAR researchers on research trips and when they are back at the institute.

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