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LCD Prices Rose in July; Declines Now Likely

The Average Selling Price (ASP) for LCD-TV units grew considerably in July and remained at a higher level in August. But price points are expected to begin falling this month.

The price jumps were mostly attributed to the shipment of new LCD models that started out carrying higher prices since they were built with newer enhancements such as 1080p, LED backlighting, and lighter designs.

At the same time, ASP was also a bit higher in contrast to the price-leveling of older LCD units last month (after several months of increases), according to media analyst iSuppli.

In August, overall LCD price points combining both premium and value brands averaged $1,931. One value brand, Vizio, for the first time had held the top spot in LCD market share shipments in the second quarter, having mounting an unforeseen challenge to the more established brand names (HD Notebook, Aug. 22).