Lawo integrates Innovason

Following a lengthy restructuring process, the French console company Innovason SAS has been dissolved. The good news is that the Innovason brand has been saved by German console maker Lawo AG, which now owns all the product and trademark rights. Lawo acquired majority share of Innovason in April 2008, and will henceforth manage the brand out of its corporate headquarters in Rastatt, Germany.

According to Marcel Babazadeh, Innovason international sales director, the move is 100-percent positive for the brand and its customers.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Babazadeh said. “Now that the Innovason products have become part of the range offered by Lawo in Rastatt, it means that the continuity of the brand is guaranteed. At the same time it benefits from everything that Lawo has to offer, with more than 40 years of experience in professional audio technology.

“Furthermore, Lawo is committed to maintaining the heritage and history of Innovason,” continued Babazadeh. “Our focus for the future is on the continued development of the Eclipse platform. The difference is that we will be able to pursue this development with more resources available to us than ever before, which is fantastic news. It is the ideal climate in which to nurture and perpetuate the pioneering spirit that has characterized Innovason products since the beginning.”

A number of former Innovason key employees will take over responsibility within the new structure, including the “father” of Eclipse, Hervé de Caro, now its product manager for Lawo; Nicolas Gozdowski who will continue as service engineer; Benoit Quiniou in R&D; and of course Marcel Babazadeh, who remains the international sales director.

Lawo CEO Philipp Lawo is pleased to have secured the future of the Innovason brand within the Lawo portfolio.

“I have believed in the brand from the beginning,” he said. “I admire innovation — which has always been a driving force for the development of Innovason products. Now that the brand is fully integrated into the Lawo structure, I am confident that together we can achieve success.

“I’m also delighted to welcome the new colleagues on board, all now key members of the Lawo team responsible for Innovason. It is the end of an era for Innovason in its former structure, but the dawning of a new chapter of innovations. We’re all looking forward to a new and promising future together.”