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Large-Screen OLED TV Makes its U.S. Debut

MINNEAPOLIS—The next generation of television displays was introduced to the U.S. market this week as LG Electronics rolled out the nation’s first large-screen OLED TVs at a Best Buy in Minneapolis.

The new 55-inch LG Curved OLED TV is only 0.17 inches (4.3 mm) thin, weighs less than 38 pounds (17.2 kg.) and will retail for $14,999. Best Buy, which is partnering with the South Korean-based consumer electronics giant, will expand retail availability of the set at special “Inside Magnolia” sections in stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle and San Antonio in the coming weeks.

OLED (organic light emitting diode) was first developed by Eastman Kodak in the 1980s but its market introduction has been slow due to the high cost of the displays. Sony initially sold small displays in the U.S. several years ago but pulled them from the market soon thereafter. LG began selling sets in Korea three years ago and most consumer electronics manufacturers debuted next generation OLED sets at the International CES in January. Samsung, the world’s largest, is expected to introduce its own 55-inch OLED set in the U.S. also this week, according to CNET. That one is also expected to retail for around $15K.

The LG set features a “gently curved” screen that supports 3D as well as LG’s Smart TV, Magic Remote and Voice Recognition features. It’s also LG’s first OLED TV to achieve THX Display Certification, matching the picture quality of professional post production displays. It delivers an “infinite” contrast ratio for optimal contract levels regardless of ambient brightness or viewing angle, according to LG. The set also features LG’s proprietary WRGB technology, a unique four-color pixel system that features a white sub-pixel that works in conjunction with conventional red, green and blue pixels to enhance color output. An exclusive LG “Color Refiner” adds greater tonal enhancement, resulting in more vibrant and natural colors.

The launch of the new displays coincides with this year’s major push for 4K sets by consumer electronics manufacturers but OLED’s high prices are expected to stunt their adoption initially. However, global demand for OLED TVs is expected to grow to more than 7 million units by 2016 according to DisplaySearch. While the prices for 4K sets quickly dropped upon their market introduction, it’s unknown how quickly OLED prices will decrease.

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