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Lanterna Magica Launches 'Reality'

Lanterna Magica, the video indexing and logging specialist, has unveiled Reality, a new system that streamlines the production of non-scripted TV shows. The new Web-based video content description system allows users to build reality TV storylines on the fly. The system and its features were demonstrated at NAB Post this week in New York.

Reality works from different locations and supports an unlimited number of camera feeds. Staff can access footage at any time, from any location, before shooting is finished, and create shortcuts to access content quickly, according to Lanterna Magica.

Camera feeds can be distributed to devices such as tape decks, high-capacity disks as well as to the Logger, Reality's own storage medium. Logger ingests audio, video and timecode signals and produces compressed digital video for browsing that is synched with the timecodes and content descriptions entered by the users. The Reality search function allows users to search by date, time, location and key word search.