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K-Tek boom poles help capture images for Indian promotional video

Photographer Roger Berry is using K-Tek’s Klassic K-202 and Klassic Traveler K-87 boom poles to support his gear for underwater images to promote IndiaVRTours.

Berry shoots 360-degree spherical panorama photos. He now uses the Canon 5D MkII with a Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens. The K-Tek boom pole has many uses. It’s a monopod or long pole for high shots. Users can also flip it upside-down for low shots, extend it out over water, or out windows, cliffs and bridges.

Taking K-Tek poles under water is not a problem, since the booms have specific water release points throughout, from the headpiece, to each section and the bottom. So the pole won’t get filled with water.

Berry has used the K-Tek boom to ride on elephants, camels, horses and on motorbikes with the pole under his belt. He uses two off-the-shelf K-Tek poles to accommodate different lengths.

The K-202 extends to 16ft. For shorter lengths, he uses a Klassic Traveler (K-87), which folds down to under 2ft and extends to 7ft 3in.