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Kramer offers new presentation switcher/scalers

Kramer Electronics has expanded its product line to include the VP-725DS video-only and VP-725DSA video and audio ProScale digital scaler/switchers.

The VP-725DS and VP-725DSA each have 18 video inputs, supporting five different signal types: composite video, S-video (Y/C), component video (YUV or RGB), computer graphics video on 15-pin HD connectors and DVI signals. Four of the groups each have four inputs and one output, while the DVI group accepts two DVI-D type inputs and has one output.

The new products have two switching modes that function both independently and simultaneously. Video group mode is used to select the input from each group for switching to that group’s local output. In this mode the switchers operate as individual 4x1 switchers for each group (2x1 for DVI). The scaler mode is used to select one of the video input signals to be switched to the three scaled output connectors, one 15-pin HD connector, one DVI-D connector and five BNC connectors for an RGBHV output.

The products also offer Kramer’s K-IIT picture-in-picture technology for insertion of any video source into a graphics source, or vice-versa. The PIP image can be positioned and sized anywhere on the screen, or displayed as a split-screen image. The unit also contains the company’s “Fade-Thru-Black” technology for glitch-free switching.

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