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Kramer offers new DVI distribution amplifier

Kramer Electronics has introduced its VM-4DVI 1:4 distribution amplifier for DVI signals. The VM-4DVI allows users to select which attached display is the most significant and set the VM-4DVI to read, store and recall the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID).

EDID is the information that DVI displays send to the PC to identify its parameters. An EDID handshake upon power up is required in any DVI system or the PC will not send out a signal.

The Kramer VM-4DVI 1:4 DA, which comes in a 1RU enclosure and has a 120/220V worldwide power supply, accepts one DVI input and will reclock the signal and distribute it to four identical outputs. It will also process the EDID information sent over the Data Display Channel (DDC).

The VM-4DVI includes front panel buttons coupled with LEDs that allow users to select the most significant display in their system and to read and store that display’s EDID information.

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