KMOV migrates to HD news with Chyron graphics

KMOV, the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, MO, has developed a new on-air look for its HD newscasts with a full complement of Chyron graphics systems. The station has installed two HD/SD-switchable HyperX2 graphics systems; a Channel Box channel branding and automated promo system and a CAMIO news graphic management solution. The station is also using iSQ, Chyron’s remote monitoring and playout application.

The two HyperX2 graphics systems, which are installed in the station’s studio control room, help generate all of the station’s HD graphics for its local news programs. This includes lower-thirds, full screen, OTS, banners and tickers. The Channel Box is employed for downstream graphics on the station’s HD channel. The system provides channel branding, IDs, schools closings and severe weather information, etc.

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