‘Klyde’ takes Bay News 9 weather to next level

Bay News 9, Bright House Network’s 24-hour cable news channel in Tampa, FL, has begun using Klyde, part of Baron Services’ KHDD radar series.

Branded by Bay News 9 as Klystron 9, the C-band klystron dual-polarization radar packs more than 1 million watts of power and relies on a calibration technique that improves the radar’s accuracy and performance.

Dual-polarization weather radar traditionally could only be calibrated when precipitation was present, but with Baron’s calibration technique, the system can be calibrated at any time under any weather conditions.

By sending out a more robust signal in both vertical and horizontal orientations simultaneously, the radar can obtain more information about the type of precipitation within a storm from farther away. Klyde is equipped to transmit 500kW per channel.

Producing high-resolution velocity and reflectivity simultaneously with every scan, Klystron 9 enables Bay News 9’s meteorologists to read wind speeds and storm intensity instantly without waiting for the radar to complete an entirely new scan.

For more information, visit www.baronservices.com.