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KLCS-TV selects FOR-A switcher for move to digital

As part of its complete transition to digital video production (with embedded audio) that began late last year, KLCS-TV, the public TV station for the Los Angeles Unified School District, selected a FOR-A Hanabi HVS-3000S standard-definition digital video production switcher for its multifaceted on-air broadcasts. KLCS-TV began transmitting a digital television signal in addition to its current analog signal in April 2003.

Alan Popkin, director of TV engineering and technical operations at KLCS-TV, is using the newly installed FOR-A Hanabi HVS-3000S digital video production switcher.

Alan Popkin, director of TV engineering and technical operations at KLCS, said they’ve outfitted the FOR-A SD switcher with two mix/effects channels, 16 inputs and four channels of internal digital video effects to replace an analog switcher and external DVE unit that was clumsy and often hard to operate.

The Hanabi’s ability to capture four still frames within the switcher, and its independent chroma keyers, provides unparalleled flexibility in the types of programs and effects that can be produced.

The switcher has been up and running at KLCS since January and is used for programs, such as "Homework Hotline," that feature live instruction taught by L.A. school district teachers. The switcher manages the feeds from four Hitachi cameras within a 3000 square foot studio in downtown Los Angeles, adding layered effects and DVE moves to the live video before going to air. The HVS-3000S switcher’s snapshot memory enables producers to save settings for individual shows, making setup fast and easy.

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