Kevin Gage Joins Sinclair's Standards Venture, ONE Media

BALTIMORE—ONE Media, LLC announced that Kevin Gage has joined the company as executive vice president and chief technology officer. ONE Media is the joint venture of Sinclair and Coherent Logix for developing and promoting their next-generation broadcast transmission standard. Until recently, Gage was executive vice president and chief technology officer of the National Association of Broadcasters. He was also founder and head of NAB Labs.

Joining NAB in 2011, Gage became NAB’s first CTO, chartered by the board of directors to identify and drive innovation throughout the broadcast industry. During his tenure at NAB, Gage identified the opportunity and drove the development of interactive hybrid FM broadcasting, which is currently deployed in the marketplace on smartphones, tablets and in testing on connected car dashboards. He also kicked off the study and testing of all digital AM broadcasting, which is currently under way at NAB Labs. Upon the formation of NAB Labs, Mr. Gage built out a technology committee structure to pull together broadcasting’s technology leaders to accelerate innovation. One committee, solely focused on next generation television broadcasting, began the due diligence on the core elements on a next generation broadcast platform.

“ONE Media is pushing the envelope on what the next-generation broadcast platform can accomplish by expanding flexible broadcasting services to local markets,” Gage said. ”By developing a broadband broadcast platform that equally supports fixed and mobile services, ONE Media is redefining and developing an advanced and flexible future for broadcasting. I am excited to join this effort and help accelerate the transition to the ‘Next Generation Broadcast Platform.’ ONE Media provides a context for business discussions and understanding future prospects to fully leverage spectrum assets. Our work provides the broadcast industry and other spectrum holders an opportunity and means to seek the best path to new markets.”

Prior to NAB, Gage held senior digital development roles at Time Warner, Inc. and NBC Universal. During that time, he played a key role in developing industry-changing platforms such as DVD and iTunes. iTunes developed out of a project Gage started while at Warner Music Group and then partnered with Apple to launch as a content distribution platform.