JVC Releases MPEG-2 Camera Module

JVC Professional Products has introduced a new MPEG-2 compression module for use with its GY-HM790U or GY-HM750U ProHD cameras. The device is designed to attach to the rear of the cameras without any adapters or extra wiring required. Its output can directly feed a digital microwave transmitter without the need to first run cables to an outside broadcast truck, thus simplifying field operations

“The KA-AS790G is another example of how our elegant modular approach brings added versatility to our ProHD camcorders,” said Craig Yanagi, JVC’s national marketing and brand manager. “It’s a great tool for broadcasters that need a reliable way to uplink video from the field. It also eliminates the need for an external encoder on location, which simplifies the transmission process and helps reduce clutter.”

The module will be available later this month, and JVC plans to show it at the 2011 NAB Show in April.