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JVC HD cameras help capture ‘America’s Most Wanted’

“America's Most Wanted,” the crime-busting series on FOX, is using JVC’s GY-HD200 cameras to shoot reenactments in the 24p frame rate format.

Chris Hamilton, a producer for the show, said the producers like the camera’s small form factor and interchangeable lens capability. They also use the GY-HD200’s ability to manipulate colors — all the internal settings on the camera. And it provides the crew with an affordable way to capture a film-look for its episodes.

The GY-HD200 is also being used for a new publicity campaign to make the public aware of upcoming fugitive segments on AMW and for all in-house live shots sent to CNN, FOX News Channel and

“America's Most Wanted” also uses the GY-HD200s to shoot features for AMW Safety Center, a Web site where people can share safety tips.

Footage is being captured in HD to prepare for FOX’s next move into broadcasting the show in HDTV.

AMW also uses JVC’s BR-HD50U recorder/player and recently purchased Firestore hard disk drive to use with the GY-HD200s so that it can ingest material directly in a more file-based system.

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