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JVC at the movies

JVC Professional Products Company announced it has partnered with the Independent Theatre Alliance (ITA) to offer the Cinema Libre digital cinema projection system for independent movie theater operators facing the end of 35mm film prints. The Cinema Libre system includes a JVC D-ILA projector with 4K precision coupled with a DCI-compliant server.

Bill Dever, ITA founder and president, said studio motion pictures are expected to only be available in digital format in the United States by the end of 2013, so independent theater owners have a limited time to convert 35mm operations.

The Cinema Libre system has been tested on a variety of screens and delivers the brightness necessary for movie theater projection.

An association of independent theater owners and movie industry professionals, the ITA is an advocate for its members on a variety of issues. It represents close to 100 theater owners who have nearly 600 screens in theaters and drive-in locations across the country. The Cinema Libre system is available now and can be purchased through the ITA.

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