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Jünger Audio and Merging Technologies merge technologies

Jünger Audio and Merging Technologies announced that they have signed a technology partnership that will see Jünger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC Loudness control solution incorporated into Merging’s new MXFix batch-processing wrap tool. The combination of industry-proven MXF metadata conformity wrapping, Final Check loudness analysis, Surcode Dolby E decoding and encoding plug-ins and LEVEL MAGIC make Merging’s MXFix a powerful all-in-one media compliance batch processing wrap tool.

“When we were looking to add control as the next step after our Final Check Loudness analyzer, Jünger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC was really the obvious choice,” said Claude Cellier, Merging Technologies CEO. “We are delighted by the cooperation we have received and we are sure it will be a winning combination.”

Jünger Audio has achieved notable success with a range of hardware units offering LEVEL MAGIC as one of the processes. These incorporate ATSC, ITU and EBU R128 loudness recommendations and have already been adopted by broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, MediaCorp, Canal +, Astro and RTL. The addition of LEVEL MAGIC to MXFix is the first time that technology has been offered as part of a suite of software options. MXFix with LEVEL MAGIC was unveiled for the first time at the IBC.

“We are delighted to be in partnership with Merging Technologies because this one-stop process is popular with some broadcasters and it is important to have LEVEL MAGIC as part of the process, integrated into the network and working faster than real-time,” said Peter Pors, Jünger Audio managing director. “Our 20-plus years of expertise in dynamic processing, and Merging’s similar experience in software and server development, is an ideal combination.”