J.L. Fisher Adds More Vinten Gear To Inventory

Burbank, CA--Rental powerhouse J.L. Fisher has added more Vinten Quattros and Vectors to its inventory. Located in Burbank, CA, the company occupies 80,000 square feet and supplies an array of equipment including the Fisher line of Dollies (9, 10, & 11) sound booms and bases, jib arms, and other motion picture equipment
"Since the inception of HD cameras into the film arena there has been an increased transition toward single-operator pedestal systems," said Chris O’Neill, vice president of sales for Vinten. "Our Quattro pedestal and Vector heads provide superior performance and furnish our customers with a streamlined way to economize costs. We are proud that JL Fisher has selected Vinten products based on our reputation of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction."
The Quattro is a four-stage pedestal designed for use in video and film production to support pan and tilt heads, cameras, and ancillary equipment. The Vector 700H Pan and Tilt Head is designed for use in the television, film, and video industries to support and balance cameras and ancillary equipment.