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iVAST introduces live MPEG-4 encoder

iVAST has announced a high performance multichannel live MPEG-4 encoding hardware solution. The iVAST Live Broadcast Encoder is targeted to network operators and content owners who need mission-critical reliability for demanding commercial applications.

The iVAST Live Broadcast Encoder provides broadcast-quality, real-time MPEG-4 audio and video encoding for broadband media, video over IP, enterprise streaming and media backhaul. It is built on an embedded architecture that employs Texas Instruments' TMS320C6415 digital signal processor (DSP) technology.

The device is optimized for delivering DVD-quality video and CD-quality audio with reduced bandwidth requirements, versus MPEG-2. It is designed to run as a component of a large, hosted hardware server configuration or on a stand-alone basis with no additional multi-purpose CPU or operating system required.

iVAST begins shipping the encoder in 2003.

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