iTunes Store Grows HD Inventory

Apple is steadily growing its HD roster of available online rentals and purchases for its Apple TV box and computers at the iTunes Store, adding dozens of HD titles in the past couple of weeks without too much notice (although it did spend a lot of effort recently touting its upgraded 3.0 software for Apple TV).

Currently there are now a few hundred new and catalog films (some of them at least bordering on "classic") that are available online in HD — including "Wall-E," the recent theater release of an all-new "Star Trek," the three "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, "Bolt," "Knowing," and "No Country for Old Men," among others.

Older HD titles now include Ben Stiller's "Zoolander," both of Tarentino's "Kill Bill" titles, and Academy Award winner "No Country for Old Men."

Various Apple Web sites and bloggers report that while most of the new HD titles are buyable, some of the newer ones are not — although there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for the restrictions. Most HD movie purchases (using a mandatory iTunes Store account, which is free) are going for a flat $20 each, although some older titles are in the $15-$18 range. ("Terminator 2" is $13.)

The iTunes Store first began offering limited HD movie titles in late 2007.