Ithaca College Recruits Cartoni Camera Support

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.—Ithaca College is already stocking up for next semester, as the Roy H. Park School of Communications recently acquired Cartoni camera support products for its studio production facilities. The school purchased a total of six Cartoni P90 studio pedestals and Omega fluid heads. It is part of an all-new camera package that includes 10 HD Ikegami cameras, six CueScript teleprompters, and four Gamma fluid heads for the mobile production unit.

Ithaca students utilize Cartoni camera support products

The Cartoni pedestals and fluid heads are durable and provide flexibility for varying production demands. The P90s can support payloads up to 90 kg, as well as the Ikegami cameras and CueScript teleprompters.

Ithaca acquired the Cartoni products from Manios Digital & Film.