Italian terrestrial broadcaster adds massive router as part of 3G/HD/SDI infrastructure renovation

TIMedia-LA7, one of Italy’s largest terrestrial broadcasters, is installing a large-scale Utah Scientific routing system, which consists of two UTAH-400/528 video routers with integrated audio routing, at the heart of a technical infrastructure being renovated to provide 3G/HD/SDI signal distribution.

TIMedia-LA7, owned by Telecom Italia Media (TIM), operates two main TV services, LA7 and LA7d, along with specialty channels, Web TV and satellite channels.

The Utah Scientific system enables TIMedia-LA7 to take a new approach to managing audio and video in a large, complex environment that encompasses the media company's two facilities in Rome. In addition to providing the routing capabilities and reliability required by TIMedia-LA7, the system will enable the company to enhance and extend its playout services, realize greater organizational effectiveness and optimize its use of technological resources.

The UTAH-400/528 router offers a 528 x 528 video and 2000 x 2000 audio matrix in a single 20RU frame. It can be scaled using a single set of matrix building blocks. The router includes redundant power supplies and supports signal format flexibility, including the ability to handle 3Gb/s progressive-scan HD signal formats, with an internal audio embedder and de-embedder, as well as AES and MADI audio interfaces.