IntraCom Brings Matrix and Wireless Intercom To Android

LOS ANGELES: IntraCom Systems developer of a software IP matrix intercom system, announced today that it has developed an Android version of its VCOM control pane. VCOM control panels for Android can be used to add desktop or mobile clients to an existing VCOM System or used as a stand-alone wireless intercom system.

The VCOM matrix and wireless intercom system on Android supports hundreds of users who can talk hands-free privately or in conference in full duplex. The system allows unlimited channels configurable for point-to-points, group calls, and party lines. All typical hardware matrix control panel operations are supported including push-to-latch or momentary mode on any control key. The system can be used over WiFi or data cellular, readily interfaces with any number of external communications systems, and has no radio frequency restraints.

VCOM control panels for Android are now available for download from IntraCom Systems website.