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Interroute selects Exanet’s digital storage for streaming

Exanet, a developer of digital storage access solutions, announced that Interoute, operator of one of Europe’s most advanced and densely connected telecommunications network, has selected Exanet’s ExaStore scalable grid storage access solution as the storage backbone of its new digital video and audio streaming business initiative.

Interoute will be using Exanet’s ExaStore platform to improve the streaming of digital content over its network. Interoute’s network supports many of the world’s leading record labels, including BMG, Warner Music, EMI, and other top music labels and artists.

ExaStore’s dynamic-capacity and load-balancing features will enable Interoute to deal efficiently with peak demand, in real time. Interoute will be able to streamline access because of ExaStore’s dynamic load-balancing, which ensures complete accessibility of Web sites and data, even during the most highly trafficked periods. By leveraging ExaStore’s greater access and highly automated management features, Interoute will be able to seamlessly scale its ExaStore Grid Storage Access system to provide its customers uninterruptible service as new and larger amounts of content are added, all managed and accessible under ExaStore’s single name space.

Exanet’s ExaStore software runs on industry-standard, off-the-shelf hardware, allowing users to easily and quickly access and manage vast amounts of ever-changing and ever-growing data in a cost-effective and high-performance manner. Its architecture allows customers to scale capacity and performance independently, without disrupting operations. Simple upgrade options allow for seamless capacity and increased bandwidth to meet growing business demands.

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