Inscriber delivers SD/HD simultaneous CG graphics

Inscriber showed a new workflow model using its Direct Control software to manage an Inscriber Inca AutoCG SD and an Inca AutoCG HD to simultaneously deliver SD and HD graphics.

Inscriber’s Direct Control interface provides operator control for both an Inca AutoCG SD and Inca AutoCG HD. Now the common graphic elements for program content can be displayed and edited from a single control GUI. Graphics for SD or HD are designed to fit their intended form factor and are rendered at the correct resolution, preserving a high quality image. Once the operator has made any modifications, output is simultaneous, on command, in both formats.

The Inca AutoCG offers SD or HD graphics and clips under the control of standard and MOS-enabled newsroom automation systems, or Direct Control. In news and sports broadcasts, live events and other template-intensive programming applications, Inca AutoCG allows a cost-effective player platform to be integrated in the signal path for easy play-out of graphics, animations and clips.

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