InfoValue to manage remote content viewing in 24 JLC locations

The Japan Leisure Channel (JLC) of Tokyo recently turned to InfoValue to provide real-time multisite remote viewing to 24 locations serving Japan's popular powerboat racing scene. JLC is using the InfoValue QuickVideo streaming platform to accomplish these tasks.

Live since early last November, JLC’s service allows boat racing fans across Japan to watch the action relayed to betting locations via InfoValue's IP video-streaming technology. Screening up to 180 races per day between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. on JLC's three cable channels, the system already provides greater throughput than originally specified. The network plans to extend the service further, with more video-on-demand capability.

InfoValue QuickVideo is a software platform for comprehensive video-streaming functionality over IP networks, including video-on-demand; video multicast; network PVR (for instant replay); recording, archiving and publishing; and content distribution. InfoValue QuickVideo is based on a standards-compliant, open architecture that is optimized with innovative, patented technologies to ensure performance, scalability and intelligence.

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