InfoComm: LifeSize Demos HD Telepresence

LifeSize Communications, which delves in video corporate communications, demoed its LifeSize Conference “telepresence suite” last week at the InfoComm confab in Las Vegas, which featured live video calls to the company’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. Participants were communicating as though they were in the same room, according to LifeSize, which said the detailed imagery of HD enhances the “meeting room” experience.

LifeSize showed a range of HD video communications configurations at the show, ranging from individual one-on-one communications (audio and video) to full-blown HD telepresence (which covers all participants’ visual ranges, usually including peripheral vision, as well).

The basic telepresence system setup (which can be customized) features multiple displays, up to three HD cameras, and an integrated wireless control panel. LifeSize HD video systems, the firm said, are designed to enable broad deployment throughout an organization for long distance “meetings” where participants appear in their actual life-size proportions.

LifeSize said its systems can deliver an “immersive HD experience” over high-capacity broadband networks in the U.S.