Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions routes with NVISION

An NVISION NV8288 video router was installed onboard a new HD truck mainly due to its compact size
An audio mixer onboard the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions HD truck with an NV7512 digital audio router behind him.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Productions has purchased its second set of NVISION video and audio routers for its new IMSPHD2 dual-expando 53ft production truck (the IMSPHD1), which is now on the road.

An NVISION NV8288 video router was installed, mainly due to its compact size (19in by 12in), density (288 x 244), streamlined cable management, low power consumption and ability to handle multiple formats, such as SD, HD-SDI and even 3Gb/s.

IMS also purchased an NV7512 digital audio router to manage and distribute AES3, MADI and analog audio signals.

David Gass, senior director of field operations and engineering at IMS Productions, said they are now in the process of building a second truck, IMSPHD2, which will replicate the first in terms of its signal management infrastructure.

Since March, the new IMSPHD1 video production truck has been used for several sports and racing events, such as the Indy 500, Indy Car Series for ABC and ESPN, Ryder Cup Golf for NEP/NBC, Breeders Cup for ESPN, NBA for Trio Video/Chicago Bulls, NBA for the Indiana Pacers, scoreboard feed for the Indianapolis Colts, football and basketball for the Big Ten Network, “Hockey Night in Canada” for the CBC and ESPN Zone Billiards for Lingner Group Productions to name a few.

The NVISION NV8288 router features redundant controllers and power supplies, which are critical for live transmission of sporting events, where the handling of hundreds of feeds and uninterrupted on-air capability is essential.

Like all broadcast production trucks, cable management is a key factor for the HD trucks. Both the NV8288 and NV7512 employ DIN 1.0/2.3 coaxial connectors, which provide greater than twice the density compared to comparable BNC solutions.

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