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Imagine Communications Expands Caribbean, Latin America Team

Leonardo Emile Gañán

MIAMI—Imagine Communications is building up its roster of employees that make up its Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) team. Led by the recent appointment of Leonardo Emilio Gañán as head of sales, the CALA team has added Fernando Monetti, Eugenio Solda and Cesar Carabajal, as well as promoted Marino Guzman, Louise Moggio, Sergio Yañez, Guillermo Velasco Cuevas and Jose Luis Casas.

Monetti is joining Imagine’s CALA team in the role of channel manager and is responsible for enhancing the on-the-ground reach of the company through a strategic channel partner network, as well as provide partners with information, training and support. Monetti is based in Miami and will report directly to Gañán.

Solda, Guzman, Yañez and Carabajal have all been appointed as regional sales leaders. Solda will serve as the sales director for Brazil. Guzman has been promoted to sales director for the Northern Cone region, which includes Central America, Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Yañez’s promotion is to the role of sales director for Mexico. And the hire of Carabajal will have him serve as the sales director of the Southern Cone region, made up of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Peru.

Additional appointments include Moggio to the position of director of ad management sales; Cuevas as director of professional services; and Casas being promoted to systems architect team lead.