Ikegami to Showcase Unicam, Slo-Mo Cameras at IBC

AMSTERDAM: Ikegami will introduce the new Unicam HD camera line with 3G-SDI 1080/60i and multiformat HD performance at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam, Sept. 7-11. The line includes the HDK-97A 16-bit portable HD companion-camera, which employs advanced, progressive AIT CCD imagers and digital video processing for superior picture detail and accurate rendition of color gradations. With a choice of 1080/60p 4:2:2 or 1080/60i 4:4:4 color sampling, the HDK-97A is designed for multi-camera productions. 

The Unicam HD line also includes the HDK-97C 3G field production camera that supports not only 1080i/720p, but also 3G signals such as 1080/60p 4:2:2 and 1080/60i 4:4:4. This compact, low-profile docking style camera employs next-generation CMOS 2.5 million pixel 2/3-inch sensors. Also new is the HDK-55, the most affordable member of the Unicam HD series. The HDK-55 uses 1080i, 2.3 megapixels AIT CCDs. New features include Quick EZ Focus and chromatic aberration correction.

Also for the Unicam line is the new BSF-44 compact, economical fiber base station designed to provide multformat HD flexibility and ease the transition from SD to HD. The station is just 1.5 RU in height and weighs 16 pounds, yet it supports SMPTE cable distances up to 2 km (1.2 miles). The new WA-97 wireless adapter will also makes its IBC debut. It has an extremely low delay of 48 ms in total and is applicable on the HDK-97A and is capable of full remote control. In addition, a new base station with 2- and 6-times diversity if also available.

Ikegami will also debut a new ultra-compact 3-chip video system, the MKC-310HD. The small and lightweight camera head features in a minimalist ergonomic design and includes a newly developed optical block and CMOS chips for C-mount applications. A lower-priced single chip, ultra-compact camera, the MKC-210HD is also available.

Ikegami NAC Hi-Motion II ultra-slow-motion camera

Also new from Ikegami is the NAC Hi-Motion II ultra-slow-motion camera, which uses a three-CMOS-sensor camera head with 96 GB of built-in memory to deliver greater than 10 times speed for clear, sharp ultra-slow-motion playback of HD sports action. This dual-format 1080i/720p system provides simultaneous output of live normal-speed video and ultra-slow-motion replay video. Ikegami will also show a new low-profile fiber base station, and high-resolution LED-backlit 9-inch flat-panel LCD monitor.

The company will also showcase its GFCam tapeless production platform, including the HDS-V10 HD camcorder, which employs three 2/3-inch CCD sensors (selectable between native 1080i and native 720p) and uses MPEG-2 compression and the MXF file format for an open-codec HD/SD recording architecture compatible with Avid and other leading editing systems. Ikegami will also feature a wide selection of HD POV cameras for applications ranging from traffic and weather to “goalpost cams” to airborne videography. Ikegami will be in Stand 11.A31.