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Ikegami Editcam Workflow Versatility Further Expanded by Introduction of Telestream’s Flip4Mac Digital Media Tools

Editcam, Ikegami’s proven performance solution for tapeless ENG and EFP, will soon have file compatibility and direct file transfer into Apple Final Cut Pro systems via Telestream’s new professional Flip4Mac digital media import component. A pioneer in developing products for convenient, cost-effective, and robust digital media access and exchange over IP networks, Telestream’s Flip4Mac digital media tools further enhance the tapeless workflow advantages of Editcam by expanding them to the popular Mac-based editing platform.

Introduced more than ten years ago, Ikegami’s Editcam is now in its third generation with the DNS-33W Editcam3, a 520,000-pixel AIT (Advanced Interline Transfer) CCD camcorder that features such revolutionary innovations as Retroloop (so videographers never miss a shot), Intelligent Recording (which enables Editcam to automatically record to available media space), and Timelapse Recording. Editcam records to either hard drive FieldPak or solid-state RAMPak media. Current FieldPak capacities go up to 80GB; RAMPaks at present offer 16GB but will increase as solid state recording technology advances. Editcam's 80GB FieldPak2 can record six hours of DV25 digital video, with DV50 and IMX formats available as options.

Editcam is used by leading broadcasters and government agencies for reliable tapeless acquisition and easy workflow integration with Avid nonlinear edit systems and servers. Now, file compatibility and direct file transfer into Final Cut Pro systems from Ikegami Editcam FieldPaks and RAMPaks will also be made possible thanks to Telestream’s new Flip4Mac import component for Editcam. This product targets the increasing need for tapeless file transfer in today’s IT-centric professional and broadcast workflows. Telestream’s Flip4Mac components make file-based workflows into Final Cut Pro applications a reality for many Mac users. With the new Flip4Mac component for Editcam, editors can browse, import, and edit content from devices not natively supported by Final Cut Pro. Transfers can occur faster than real time. Additional functionality includes metadata support and the ability to view keyframes, all of which enables a faster, more efficient, all-digital workflow. Telestream reports that the new Flip4Mac solution will be available within the next quarter.

“Telestream has been a key contributor to file-based media workflows, providing the critical link that enables seamless media and metadata exchange between systems,” states Dan Castles, president and CEO of Telestream. “Flip4Mac builds on the proven success of our FlipFactory products, expanding the reach of file-based workflows to the desktop and to the Final Cut Pro user. We are pleased to add Flip4Mac support for industry-leading products from Ikegami.”

“The introduction of Telestream’s new Flip4Mac import component for Editcam brings file compatibility and direct file transfer of MXF media from Ikegami’s Editcam to Apple’s Final Cut Pro systems, which further expands Editcam’s industry-leading workflow advantages,” comments José Rosado, Editcam Product Specialist. “Editcam’s tapeless, nonlinear acquisition and editing features appeal to an ever-growing user base, and now the new Flip4Mac solution will further broaden that appeal.”

“Ikegami and NL Technology are excited about the integration with Telestream’s Flip4Mac product, because it extends the all-digital workflow Ikegami and NLT are known for to the large base of Final Cut Pro NLE users,” adds John Barkley, Product Marketing Manager for Non Linear Technology. “The all-digital workflow for capture of video and metadata at the camera and DVR is expanded and enhanced with Telestream’s Flip4Mac file transfer component.”

Ikegami’s Editcam3 tapeless solution also includes the NL Technology SAT 110 Adapter for instant nonlinear editing access to FieldPak2 and RAMPak footage. The Ikegami DNR 20 Dockable Disk Recorder and DNE-31 Stand-Alone Disk Recorder are also available for added versatility in ENG/EFP applications.

In addition to Ikegami’s standard definition Editcam3 camcorder (the model DNS-33W) and peripherals (which work with Telestream’s new Flip4Mac solution), Ikegami introduced a high definition version of the Editcam—the HDN-X10 Editcam HD DNG camera system with digital disk recorder—at NAB 2005. Editcam HD uses Avid’s DNxHD high-quality mastering codec to record full 1920 by 1080 HD-resolution images that can also be edited on laptop and desktop systems in real time. Editcam HD currently employs a data rate of 145 Mbps (Megabits per second) to provide 1080/60i, 1080/24p, and 720/60p recording and playback using FieldPak2 recording media. The DNxHD codec also supports 220 Mbps for increased performance in the future.