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IEEE/SMPTE Announce Call for Papers

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers have issued calls for papers for upcoming conferences.

The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society has requested a submission of papers for its 57th annual Broadcast Symposium to be held Oct. 31 through Nov. 2, 2007 in Washington, D.C.

Papers are solicited in the areas of:

• digital radio and television systems
• terrestrial and satellite broadcasting
• Internet streaming of content
• transmission, propagation, reception and re-distribution of broadcast signals
• AM, FM and television antenna systems
• test and measurement
• cable television technologies, among other subject areas.

Abstracts of papers are due by May 21, 2007.

SMPTE is soliciting papers in connection with the organization's Technical Conference and Exhibition that will be held Oct. 24-27 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Papers covering the following topics are requested

• digital intermediates
• stereoscopic imagines
• digital cinema exhibition
• image acquisition for filmmaking
• broadcast news, studio production and sports
• animation
• film technology advancements
• electronic display technologies
• color management
• metadata and file management
• digital asset management
• IP content networks
• content security and rights management
• consumer technologies
• historical topics on early filmmaking, animation and television technologies

SMPTE is also requesting proposals for tutorial sessions suitable for the conference.

Technical paper proposals are due by June 18, 2007 and electronic versions of papers and presentations are requested by Sept. 14, 2007.