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IBIS attracts interest from news and sports producers

IBIS is offering increased levels of flexibility, reliability and speed to air with its new SprinTx software and ServerLoad Sport ingest system. Used by broadcasters globally, including Channel 7 Australia, ESPN Sky, BBC and CNBC Arabiya, IBIS SprinTx delivers proven 24-hour broadcasting and native controls that work seamlessly with all of the major video servers on the market.

In addition, IBIS has developed a tight integration with the newsroom systems from Avid Technology (iNEWS) and the Associated Press (ENPS).

As a component of its SprinTx package of applications, IBIS has redesigned ServerLoad Sport with new features and enhanced flexibility.

ServerLoadSport allows the capture of highlights at ingest for up to six different , providing the choice of viewing from multiple angles. Dual screens and thumbnail icons, which are directly linked to video, provide fast turnaround of live sports highlight reels. Each ServerLoad Sport application allows an operator to process up to two sporting events simultaneously.

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