IABM: Sales Increase But Rate Drops Off

Global broadcast equipment sales continue to increase but at a slower rate than before.

According to the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers, which tracks 62 companies active in broadcast manufacturing and media technology, its index shows global sales increasing 10.7 percent year to year, but the monthly trend shows the rate of increase falling.

“Sales by North American companies have risen more than for European companies. The increase is greatest for large companies, with small companies seeing no share of market growth,” IABM stated.

About three-quarters of respondents told the organization that they were profitable, leaving “a significant” 26 percent posting losses.

“Profitability is still increasing much faster (28 percent year on year) than market growth, so aggregate performance is improving,” IABM found.

Businesses covered are based in 15 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Israel, Canada, the United States and Australia.

(Radio World)