Hybrid MC Launches The SILVER Robotic Camera Head

Hybrid MC has announced the launch of the SILVER robotic camera head, designed for a wide range of uses, from reality TV to sports to virtual studios.

The SILVER head is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for cameras up to 26 pounds. It can be used with tripods, cranes or wall-mounted equipment, and complements the TITANIUM robotic camera head, plus it’s compatible with the COBALT camera controller and MERCURY software controller as well.

"SILVER is the first in a line of new products that marks Hybrid MC's evolution from a virtual studio specialist into a company providing a range of graphics and production solutions," said Olivier Cohen, marketing and development manager for Hybrid MC. "This new robotic head delivers the precision and quality that make it suitable for the most sophisticated virtual studio broadcasts, but it is also compact and cost-effective for simple robotic camera applications in many other types of broadcasting."

In virtual studio applications, SILVER delivers zero-latency performance, eliminating audio and video delay. Additionally, Hybrid MC will be launching a suite of graphics production authoring tools in 2008.