Hug Your Traffic Staff on Nov. 2

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season creeping upon us, you may have overlooked the fast-approaching National Traffic Director’s Day.

According to Larry Keane, CEO of the Traffic Directors Guild of America, Nov. 2 is the day of recognition for traffic directors, managers and more than 20 other titles used by personnel in the Traffic & Continuity Departments of more than 20,000 radio, television and cable stations, domestic and international.

TGDA says the day was created to recognize their contributions with “a simple thank you.”

“It’s become a much larger celebration now, with lunches, flowers, parties and treats ranging from breakfast donuts and McDonald’s to dinner at the better trade deal restaurants for the traffic-continuity staff,” said Keane. One vendor is buying annual association memberships for 1,000 client stations and their own internal staffers, and one is running a contest for a free training seminar, he added.

“We’re not up to the major gifts yet, like Oprah’s cars for everyone in the audience,” Keane joked, “but each year the creativity grows.”

An added bonus? National Traffic Director’s Day falls on a Friday this year so plan on a late night.

(Radio World)