Holiday wish list priorities differ dramatically between men and women

What do most women want for Christmas? A new CNET survey says peace, happiness and a new laptop computer tops most women's Christmas list.

Peace and happiness rank below a big screen television on men’s wish list this holiday season, according to a survey based on CNET Web site users.

CNET polled 2000 users of its Web site to gather data for the Holiday Survey. Asked what they most desired for the holidays, men’s top pick was big screen TVs. On the other hand, big screen televisions ranked near the bottom of the wish list for women.

The top five responses for men and women were:

MenWomen 1. Big screen television 1. Peace and happiness 2. Peace and happiness 2. Family being together and paying off bills tied 3. Paying off bills 3. Good health 4. A tie between a new computer and family togetherness 4. Digital camera 5. Good health 5. Three-way tie among money, major home remodeling and car

The survey also asked men and women to rank their wish list of electronics. The top five for men and women were:

MenWomen 1. Plasma TV 1. Notebook/laptop computers 2. High-definition TV 2. Digital cameras 3. Notebook/laptop computer 3. Plasma TVs 4. Digital camera 4. Three-way tie among HDTV, digital camcorder, computer monitor 5. LCD TV 5. Three-way tie among portable MP3 or MiniDisc/portable GPS, digital video recorder

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