Hitachi showcases improvements for SK-HD1000 HD studio camera

Hitachi Kokusai Electric showed an enhanced version of its SK-HD1000 HDTV studio and field production camera at NAB2008.

The company has upgraded the performance of its SK-HD1000 camera to a 60dB HDTV signal-to-noise ratio at F10.0 and a resolution of 1100 horizontal TV lines. Hitachi also introduced new functions, control panels, CCUs and other production accessories for the SK-HD1000.

Relying on a new generation of high dynamic range RGB 2/3in progressive CCDs, each with 2.2 million pixels, the camera implements 14-bit A-to-D converters and Hitachi’s digital signal processor. A 12-vector masking system allows control of hue and saturation of colors to precisely tailor color reproduction to EBU, SMPTE or any other color standard for HDTV and SDTV separately. The camera’s dual-memory flesh-tone detail adjustment has automatic hue and saturation adjustment to make it easy to use the function on-air or off.

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