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HDMI faces challenge from upstart DisplayPort interface

High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) currently is the darling of the digital display domain, increasingly being used to connect HDTVs to Blu-ray players and monitors to computers — but a challenger is on the horizon.

According to a new iSuppli report, consumer electronics equipped with DisplayPort will come from nowhere in 2007 to 263.3 million units by 2012. While HDMI-equipped units will see impressive compound annual growth of 32 percent from the 193 million units shipped in 2007 to the forecasted 772.8 million in 2012, DisplayPort will take the lead in the desktop and mobile PC platform market by 2010, according to iSuppli.

The report, “Hogging the Spotlight: HDMI Growth Continues in Spite of DisplayPort,” projects that DisplayPort will get a big boost in this market as PC OEMs move away from VGA interfaces and adopt HD solutions.

Perhaps DisplayPort has its most significant opportunity in the embedded or internal-only video interface applications market, such as LCD televisions and mobile PCs, where a high-bandwidth serial interface solution designed specifically for such embedded display interfaces could find a home, according to iSuppli. This is a potentially huge opportunity for the technology; iSuppli predicts that more than 600 million mobile PCs and 550 million LCD televisions will be shipped during 2008-2011.

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